6 July 2013

The first tour to the baby food factory «Yagotynske for children» was held held on 6th of July, 2013.

Less than in a year since the opening of the plant its hospitable doors were thrown open to curious visitors. The guests of the plant were young mothers — the most demanding judges of infant milk products. On a comfortable bus from Kharkiv metro station visitors went in the journey to the land of TM «Yagotynske for children." Acquaintance with the plant started with pleasant surprises — guests could become the sun in a photo stand «Yagotynske for children» and gained cheerfulness by a light coffee-break.

Moms started inspection of the plant with a tour guide Mary, who is also an experienced mother of two children and a loyal consumer of the products «Yagotynske for children. « The first thing Maria told visitors was information about the construction of the plant «Yagotynske for children." Unique in Ukraine the detached specialized baby milk plant has been built in record time — just in 1 year. And the location of the enterprise in a clean area next to the arboretum Zgurovsky, speaks for itself.

In the lobby of the plant guests were able to meet the familiar to them book from the commercial «Yagotynske for children." The unique hand-made book became the subject of dreams of many children in Ukraine. Now it is stored at the plant, where it can be observed by visitors during excursions.

There are strict safety regulations on the plant of baby food, with which guests were informed at the briefing with safety engineer Alexei Kobetc. Following them, sightseers wore disposable clothes and disinfected their hands, because without such precautions no one was allowed to enter the manufactory. Also, guests were given an audio device, allowing to hear each and every word of the guide in the noisy manufacture.

Sightseers were able to visit the whole manufacture «Yagotynsky for Children» — from the milk collection point to the packing workshop and a warehouse for products. The guests have seen the whole cycle of baby food production. They found that children’s products are made from certified farmers' quality milk with the addition of high-quality European manufacturers of starters and natural fruit, vegetable and berry fillers grown in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. Preservatives, dyes and synthetic sugars are never used in production. As a sweetener products with fillers TM «Yagotynske for children» contain exclusively natural fructose. Particular attention is paid to the issue of quality of the products — in the production baby food factory «Yagotynske for children» adheres to Ukrainian and international standards, using advanced technological advances in order to make a healthy and tasty dairy products from natural cow’s milk.

In the course of the tour at the visitors encountered a lot of questions to which they were competent answers from the factory director Sergei Kosyachenko, brand product manager Eugene dance tune, head of production Valentina dovga and head of the Laboratory of Lyudmila Bardakova. The conversation continued after the tour, while tasting products «Yagotynske for children.»

All guests received gifts.

Sightseers were very pleased with the trip and guided tour. The sunny weather that day was a match for a good mood factory. Parents were able to verify that the plant «Yagotynske for Children» takes care of the health of their children, producing for the younger generation of Ukrainians natural high quality dairy products at affordable prices.