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Milk Alliance is a group of companies which includes high-capacity enterprises designed for producing and marketing milk products. It is the leading enterprise in the milk industry of Ukraine.

The history of JSC Milk Alliance started in 2000 with the acquisition of a number of manufacturing companies that in 2006 were formally united into a holding company with registered capital of about UAH 24 million, and balance, 99.9% consisting of long term financial investments.

Today Milk Alliance is a company with centralized financial management, procurement, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and sales.

The company includes enterprises producing cheese, milk and dairy products, enterprises for the collection and processing of milk as well as companies which carry out sales of products in Ukraine and abroad.

The products are manufactured under the brands Pyriatyn, Slavia, Yagotynske, Yagotynske for children, Zlatokrai and Milk Alliance. The company’s product portfolio is balanced in such a way as to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in various product categories of the milk market and the cheese market.

Sustainable development

The company is constantly searching for new, advanced solutions and new products. Introducing innovative technology, over the last seven years we developed more than USD 525 million capital investments, constantly improving principles of business management. All of the major plants are certified according to international standards of quality control management ISO 9000 and XACCP that enables enterprises of Group of companies Milk Alliance to meet the modern market requirements.
Milk Alliance is one of the largest manufacturers of cheeses in Ukraine (market share of 12.4% as of the first half year of 2015) and ranks second in the production of all dairy products in Ukraine, having in its portfolio only one national brand Yagotynske.

Performance indicators in 2016
366 944 tons
Volume of milk procurement
23 262 tons
Output of cheese
6 664 tons
Output of dairy butter
109 544 tons
Output of whole milk products
3 988 908 000 UAH
Total sales volume
485 000 000 UAH
Capital investment since 2012

Brands that change the market

We should also note a number of brands that have gained special love and trust of consumers and have a strong economic performance in their product categories.
First of all, Yagotynske for children, that won 40% of the market of dairy baby food in the first half of 2015. This is the only brand in its segment with positive dynamics of growth, despite the fact that the category of baby milk in general is experiencing negative growth.
Another leader in its category is a relatively new product Yagotynske Cocoa Milk, which appeared on store shelves in August 2014. After a month the novelty has gained a leading position and holds them still, with market share of 27% in the category of “colour milk”.
Milk Alliance makes every effort to delight its customers and continues to develop in spite of unfavourable economic situation.

The company’s philosophy

Basic priorities of Milk alliance, which were set at the beginning of the activities of this group of enterprises with consideration for the future, are the following:

  • concern about the health of the consumers, and hence on the health of the nation;

  • production of high quality natural products;

  • constant updating of technological processes and equipment.

Group of Companies Milk Alliance is optimistic and confident about the future. An experienced and cohesive team of like-minded managers is working hard to keep the company a leader of the dairy industry of Ukraine and favorite supplier of dairy products to every family.

Caring for the environment

Ecology and environmental protection are among main Milk Alliance’s priorities. Active civil position of the company is caring and solicitous attitude to natural resources. In the past few years we have made multi-million investments in the construction of new treatment facilities on Bashtanka Cheese Plant and Zolotonosha Butter Plant, reconstruction of existing facilities for Pyriatyn Cheese Factory, and the introduction of nano-filtration equipment that excludes the ingress of whey in factory effluents.

Social responsibility

The company is actively sponsoring social, health, humanitarian and creative projects, helps children’s homes and sports clubs, allocating annually about 500 thousand UAH. In 2015, Milk Alliance had taken under the constant care of 5 children’s homes and rehabilitation centres in Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions on a monthly basis and provides children with high-quality Yagotynske for Children dairy products.