25 April 2011

The family of dairy products named as “Yagotynske” TM is now supplemented with a new and unique product that does not have competitors on the Ukrainian market. The product is called the bonny-clabber from the stove. Its mass is 300 g and fat content is 2,5%.

For producing “Yagotynske” bonny-clabber only natural milk is used. The production methods rules out adding vegetable fats, preservatives and dyes. “Yagotynske” sour clotted milk is made of natural ingredients using the traditional Ukrainian method of drawing into the stove. Such production method makes the product thick and tasty.

This truly traditional way of cooking “Yagotynske” bonny-clalbber helps to obtain thick, glossy and dense structure of the product and a unique clean dairy taste without foreign tastes and odors. And, of course, the bonny-clabber quality is confirmed by the name of Yagotynsky butter processing factory, which has repeatedly been noted by Ukrainian and international quality certificates, including ISO 9001: 2008 and UA 226373.