Mozzarella Slavia Сheese is made on the modern equipment from cow’s milk with adding lactic-acid bacteria starter, microbial rennet and salt.

Mozzarella Slavia is available in 2.5 kg and 5 kg blocks, packed in vacuum film without brine, and is sold in frozen form. The product’s storage life without losing its properties is up to 12 months at a temperature from -20 °C to -15 °C.

Mozzarella Slavia has ductile consistency, homogeneous, layered and elastic structure and delicate, neutral taste inherent in classic mozzarella. This product is ideal to use in HORECA and is especially good for cooking Italian food: pizza, lasagna, different salads, casseroles, bakeries and other dishes.

Mozzarella baking time for cooking pizza:

  • in an oven—5,5 min. at a temperature 236°C,
  • in a conveyor furnace—4,5 min. at a temperature of up to 336°С.
Packaging Film
Net weight 5 kg
Package size 29,0×14,0×10,0 cm
Crate size 65,5×31,5×11,5 cm
Pieces in a crate 4
Crate net weight 20 kg
Crate gross weight 20,5 kg