Humidity: 4%
Fat: 1,25% Max.
Protein min 34%
Sediment Disc A, B
Lactose approx. 45%-55%
Titratable Acidity max 17 Т°
Solubility index 0.5 ml Max
Plate count 50,000/g Max
Coliform absent in 0,1 g
Salmonella absent in 25 g
Antibiotics absent
Radioactivity max. 42 Bq/kg
Colour white

Package: 4-ply paper bag with 1-ply inner polyethylene bag of minimum 0,075 mm thickness. The inner bag is independent and separate from the outer one.

Weight: net — 25,0 kg; gross — 25,4 kg.

Term of storage: 8 months at temperatures 1…+10°С and relative humidity up to 85%.

Packaging Bag
Net weight 25 kg

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