9 June 2020

The well-known Ukrainian dairy brand Yagotynske launches two new on the Ukrainian market fermented milk products, which are lactose-free kefir 2.5% fat and lactose-free yogurt 1.5% fat.

Lactos-free kefir and yogurt are produced by the tank method from the high-quality milk, which is supplied to the enterprises by certified farms.

«These products differ from traditional kefir and yogurt because enzyme ferments lactose instead of the body. The caloric content of these products does not differ from their analogues with lactose. Lactose-free kefir and yogurt have a pleasant, barely sweet taste and retain all the benefits of classic sour milk drinks», says Natalia Vasilyeva, Chief Technologist of the Milk Alliance Group.

Lactose-free kefir comes in a bottle of 450 grams, yogurt - in a bottle weighing 270 grams.

Both lactose-free fermented milk products will be launched under the Yagotynske brand. They are intended primarily for consumers who have lactose intolerance. These products will be produced by two plants: Yagotynsky Butter Plant will produce lactose-free kefir and Bashtanka Cheese Plant will produce lactose-free yogurt.