18 June 2024

TM Yagotynske presents a new fermented milk drink product — Traditional Ayran 2% fat in a plastic cup of 220 grams. A new product is produced at the Yagotynsky Butter Plant from farm milk, which is fermented with the help of bacterial starter with the obligatory addition of water and salt.

“Ayran is considered to be one of the oldest fermented milk drinks in the world. It has been prepared for many years and each nation has its own recipe. Yagotynske Ayran Traditional is a new potable variation of an already favorite drink. It has an ultra-light consistency and a pleasant salty-sour taste,” Natalya Vasylieva, chief technologist of Milk Alliance Group, says.

Ayran Traditional can be an excellent choice for those who are looking for a light refreshing and healthy drink with a rich taste palette. Due to its high water content, ayran perfectly copes with body dehydration and maintains its hydration. This drink is especially valuable in the heat. And the convenient “on the go” packaging format with the optimal volume will be an ideal option for enjoying your favorite drink “on the go”.

Let us remind you that currently the Yagotynske line of fermented milk drinks is represented by ayran 2% fat in PET-bottles of 450 g and 850 g, ayran with dill 1.8% fat in pet bottle 450 grams, ayran with basil 1.8% fat in PET-bottles of 450 g and 850 g.