23 July 2020

Pyriatyn Cheese Plant launches the production of Ancient Kyiv cheese 50% fat.

«The peculiarity of Ancient Kyiv hard cheese production technology is the usage of starter cultures, the basis of which is Lactobacillus helveticus, layer formation and long maturation period in a plasticizizer- about 6 month, which gives the cheese its excellent taste», said Valentina Bartoshak, the deputy director of  Pyriatyn Cheese Plant.

Ancient Kyiv cheese comes in the form of a bar. The taste of the product is moderate, clean, cheesy, not spicy, but has a spicy, non-sour taste. Its color is from light yellow to yellow. Structure is elastic and homogeneous.

«Ancient Kyiv cheese is highly nutritious due to its high concentration of milk protein and fat, the presence of free amino acids (including essential ones), fatty and other organic acids, carbonyl compounds, vitamins, mineral salts of micro- and microelements. Cheese is a high-calorie and biologically complete product»,- said Natalia Vasilyeva, Chief Technologist of the Dairy Alliance Group.

Let us remind, Pyriatyn recently told its consumers what will happen if not to finish cheese. The well-known brand has asked this question in a series of new commercials.