12 November 2018

The children’s brand Hopsy expands its product portfolio and produces a new product on the market — milkshakes with three flavors: strawberry, chocolate and ice-cream with 2.5% fat.

“Cocktails are made from high-quality milk on modern, high-tech equipment of the baby food factory Yagotynske for Children. This enterprises established himself in our country and abroad as an honest manufacturer of high-quality dairy products”, Igor Prylipko, the director of “Yagotynske for Children”, said.

Cocktails are produced in Tetra Pack, so that the product has a long shelf life — 6 months. The finished product also has an ideal volume for a single serving of a milk drink for children from 3 years old — 200 grams.

Hopsy Milkshakes, as well as yogurt and cottage cheese desserts contain a surprise. However, it is not under the package, but in the HopsyAR mobile application. Install it and point the camera on the packaging to animate Hops!

Besides, at the end of 2017, manufacturers of Yagotynske for Children have released a new line of dairy products for children from 3 years on the Ukrainian market. Following products will be produced under Hopsy brand: drinking yoghurts with strawberry, peach and banana fillers, as well as delicate curd desserts with vanilla and strawberry fillers. Each package of the product of this brand contains a gift story: a comic book, an encyclopedia, or an insert.