16 December 2019

Bashtanka Cheese Plant launches production of the most popular yogurt in the world – which is Greek yogurt 2.5% of fat. It is made of natural milk and fermentation culture.

“In the production of Greek yogurt technologists of TM Yagotynske use special live cultures, strains of which are obtained from the bank of cultures of the Agricultural University in Athens. Yogurt, which is produced with these live cultures has the aroma, taste and strycture of a traditional Greek yogurt," says Natalia Vasilieva chief technologist of the group of companies Milk Alliance.

Greek yogurt has become the world's most popular fermented milk product due to its high organoleptic characteristics. This yogurt is multifunctional. For example, you can use it as a separate meal, as a desserts’ filler, as well as a dressing for salads.

Yagotynsky Greek yogurt has a dense structure and a soft creamy taste. It will be available in a package of 300 grams.

Let us remind you, that Yagotynske already produces drinking yogurt “Classic” 1,5% of fat, Turkish yogurt 10% of fat, and also drinking yogurts with the variety of tastes: strawberry, peach, cherry and red currant 1,5% of fat.