Yagotynsky butter plant started to produce cottage cheese «Domashniy» in a small package with the weight of 200 g

10 September 2012

In September, 2012 a wide assortment of cottage cheeses by TM «Yagotynske» was enriched by a new position — cottage cheese «Domashniy» with the fat content 0% and 9,5% in a new small package.

The cottage cheese of «Yagotynske» trade mark is a natural product with no added preservatives or stabilizers, which has pure cheese taste and aroma. This cheese is made of natural milk with no added preservatives or stabilizers.

One more advantage of the cottage cheese by «Yagotynske» trade mark is the way of its production. All this cottage cheeses are produced on the new equipment, unique for Ukraine. This new equipment by the Polish company Obram allows to improve the quality of cottage cheese, its physico-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic (flavor) indices, due to the closed cycle of its production starting from the milk collection and ending with the finished product in a packed form.