19 December 2011

On December 16, 2011, Yagotynsky butter processing plant presented the financial results of the year to journalists during a press tour to the plant. A lot of journalists visited the press tour. Among them were representatives of business, social and specialized media, and TV reporters.

During the press tour, journalists were able to see the producing process of all products of the plant, taste all the products and communicate with the management of the Milk Alliance holding and Yagotynsky butter processing plant on a specially organized press conference.

A lot of different topics were raised at a press conference, such as financial results of the year, a new plant construction on the base of Yagotynsky butter processing plant, the problem of the products’ quality and raw material, price forming and so on. However, the main topic of discussion was a new cottage cheese production department, a new equipment of which will increase the production of this type of product to 8 tons per day. For example, within 11 months of the year 2011 Yagotinsky butter processing plant produced and sold 3,477 tons of cottage cheese.

A new equipment of the department by Polish company Obram can improve the quality of cottage cheese, its physico-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic (flavor) indices, due to the closed cycle of its production starting from the milk collection and ending with the finished product in a packed form.

Investments of this project made up more than 16.5 million USD.

«We consciously invest a lot of money in Yagotinsky butter processing plant updating — says Sergiy Vovchenko, a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Milk Alliance holding, — because we are sure that it will bring us the greatest benefit. One of the next big projects, implemented by Yagotynsky butter processing plant, is a baby nutrition factory building. We plan to start the production process on this plant in autumn 2012. »