5 February 2015

Natural tasty and very useful yogurt Slavia® now can be purchased in a package of 900g. Bashtanka cheese factory, guided by numerous requests of the consumers began to produce yoghurt with fillers Peach and Strawberry in a large and economy package.

The yoghurt itself is a useful fermented milk product. As a result of the activity of microorganisms involved in the production of yoghurt, the product contains more vitamins A, B3 and B12 than milk itself.

Yoghurts Slavia® are made of natural cow’s milk and fruits without added antibiotics or artificial colors. The raw materials used for the preparation of all products Slavia® meet the requirements of national standards of quality and sanitary regulations.

Slavia® combines the best traditions of dairy production and power of nature. That is why the products of Bashtanka cheese plant for several decades is in constant demand both in Ukraine and abroad.