22 March 2011

Larysa Andriyivna Shytova, the chief technoligist of the “Milk Alliance” holding company, took part into the TV program “Znak Yakosti” (“The Quality Mark”) as an expert. In the program Korolivsky and Kostromsky cheeses are tested.

Larysa Andriyivna answered a lot of questions, asked by Ukrainian customers. The customers were interested in technological process of cheese making, its useful properties and cheese storageability. Thus, she informed the customers that the qualitative cheese, made of dairy ingredients only, contains up to 10 times more milk fat than milk itself. Besides, cheese has more proteins than meat and eggs. It is interesting that 80 gram of qualitative cheese contains the daily human need for calcium and one third of daily requirement for phosphorus and vitamins A, B2, B12, D.

The customers were also interested in risks people face when they cut off the peel from moldy cheese and eat the cheese. The expert said that such cheese does not cause any negative effect.

One can see the program by following the link: http://inter.ua/uk/video/program/zk/2010/12/20/syr_korolevskiy.