18 September 2019

Yagotynske expands its range in the line of sour milk cheeses. Yagotynsky Butter Plant has launched the production of sour milk product in a new stabile package, which is popular and convenient today, both among dairy producers and consumers. First of all, because it is convenient and saves money. Yagotynske  will pack in stabilo cottage cheese 5% fat 350g and 9.5% fat 350 grams.

The main difference between the cottage cheese in new packaging and previous cottage cheeses produced by the Yagotynsky Butter Plant is the structure of the cottage cheese. The structure of the cottage cheese in stabilopak is softer and gentler.

Cottage cheese Yagotynsky in stabilopak packaging, just like all other products of the brand, is made of high-quality cow's milk. It does not contain any vegetable fats, preservatives or stabilizers. It tastes and smells like pure sour milk. You can enjoy it as a separate meal or use it in the recipes of delicious desserts, pancakes, dumplings, etc.