15 January 2015

For those who prefer light products, as well as those who are on a diet, Yagotynsky butter plant released a new product — Cocoa Milk Light with a fat content of 1%. Brand new product with reduced fat content is an analogue of the traditional Cocoa milk from TM Yagotynske, which just in a few months of its existence, has captured the hearts of Ukrainians and won their affection.

The secret of the popularity of ready-to-drink Cocoa milk drink by Yagotynske® is in its naturalness. The product is created by traditional recipe, so it is stored just for 7 days.

Yagotynske® cares not only about the health of its consumers, producing high quality dairy products, but also about the environment, packaging its new products in carton Pure-Pak. In winter, the brand released a limited edition of Cocoa milk drink. A holiday winter design with deer, encourages consumers to try the product hot. However, Cocoa milk Yagotynske is good for adults and children in any way, all you need is to shake it, open and drink.