5 December 2014

Less than in 2 years of its existence, the trademark Yagotynske for children won first place in the segment of specialized dairy baby food from 0 to 3 years with a market share of 26,1%*, ahead of all other competitors. The total production of goods of trademark Yagotynske for children since the period of January-September 2014 increased for more than 80% compared to the same period in 2013.

«The main reasons for this rapid growth, — says Maria Repets'ka, Brand Manager of TM Yagotynske for children — is the development of national distribution, the growth of brand loyalty and new product line. So, as for today, our products are represented in all regions of Ukraine. We support brand loyalty by different kinds of marketing activities aimed at the recognition of the trade mark and informing customers about the benefits of our products. As for new products in the range of TM Yagotynske for children in June, 2014 (yoghurt „Peach“, sweet curd paste „Banana“ and the unique sour-milk product Zakvasochka), their share of sales at the end of 3 months amounted to about 7% of the overall performance.»

Launching the new brand of dairy baby food at the end of 2012, the team of TM Yagotynske for children set itself some ambitious goals, but such success could not assume even the most optimistic forecasts. Product created with love and special attention to the needs of target audience «sells itself», and reference-points of promotion of the new brand and the reasons for the consumer confidence, indicated from the beginning, remain unattainable for most competitors:

  • Dairy products for the youngest kids from ТМ Yagotynske for children are produced at the new specialized plant, from selected raw material using hi-tech equipment of close loop (without access of human).
  • For maintenance of all useful and taste qualities of the product it was chosen the best security package which is glass bottle, which does not co-operate with content, because, in according to opinion of consumers, exactly a glass container is preferable as packing of dairy products for children up to 1 year.**
  • Often the baby is not able to drink 200 ml of milk product all at once, so for comfort of usage by mothers, there was created a possibility of multiple opening and dense closing of the bottle
  • As fillers for child’s yoghurts and curds there are used habitual for Ukrainians vegetables, fruits and berries that are exceptionally useful, well absorbed and do not cause allergies
  • In addition, the ТМ Yagotynske for children has chosen an innovative approach to combining ingredients for the filling. So the unique tastes of cottage cheese «Pear-corn» and yoghurt «Pumpkin-banana» were born. A pumpkin and corn previously were not used as fillers for dairy baby food for kids at the Ukrainian market, although it is the most suitable products for the first meal, as it is useful and safe.
  • The moms and dads care about the benefits of food, therefore the sweetness of curds and yoghurts is provided by useful to child’s organism fructose, but not sugar.

«Demand on dairy baby food is steadily increasing in this crisis year, — says Lilia Kamins`ka, The Director of Sales of TM Yagotynske for children- there is a growing culture of consumption of dairy baby food made by an industrial method. In 2013, the market was filled with the products of new producers, therefore an increase in the 2013/2012 made about 70%. In current 2014 the development is a fight for a shelf, for a buyer, and most important — for a consumer. In our case, consumers are children, and their confidence is very difficult to conquer, therefore only the best quality can guarantee the growth and development of sales».

It is expected that the market of dairy baby food in 2014 may rise to 40–50%, as compared to 2013.

* According to the Infagro company.

** According to the Masmi company.