11 November 2013

The first and only specialized in Ukraine detached baby milk factory «Yagotinsky for Children» celebrated its first birthday in the company of journalists of leading Ukrainian media. Press tour organized to the production of dairy products for the little ones, attracted the attention of many media of business publications to specialized magazines for young parents.

And this is not surprising, because the plant has something to boast: new plant produces products by new trade mark TM «Yagotinsky for Children», which reached fantastic success indicators in the first year of its existence, with coverage of all territory of Ukraine. Thus, only during the first half of 2013 TM «Yagotinsky for children» became one of the top three market leaders in baby milk in Ukraine and to date has won more than 20% of this market.

Currently congestion of Zgurovsky baby food plant is 44%, and at full capacity, the plant plans to start before the end of 2014.

«We are very pleased with the results of the enterprise and the work of entire team during this year — told the reporters Sergey Caliber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of „Milk Alliance“ . — When taking the decision to build a new plant, we were guided by research on unfilled market baby milk food in Ukraine. We tried to do for the kids the best, not only to meet the needs of children for tasty and safe food, but also the needs of parents for the usability of the product and firm confidence in its quality. This is a big pleasure that we were able to achieve your goals so quickly.»

Grounds for confidence in the quality of the products are the following: Zgurovsky baby food plant is equipped with modern facilities of closed cycle from the international manufacturers, which excludes direct contact of the hands with the products during its production. The entire production cycle from receiving milk to packaging of finished products is held behind closed doors, without human intervention. The parents can make sure in person — the plant regularly hosts educational trips for consumers, registration is available online on site www.yagotynkids.com.ua.

The range of products during the year has been extended and optimized. As before, it includes all kinds of dairy products, which are necessary for the healthy development of children from 6 months to 3 years. Now the baby Sterilized drinking fortified milk can be purchased in convenient Tetra Pak 200ml with straw, 500 ml and 1000 ml, and curds TM «Yagotinsky for children» with fillers «Pear-corn» and «Peach» is now available in a package of 100 g.

In addition, the benefits of TM «Yagotinsky for Children» are: the rejection of added sugar (fructose, which is useful for the child’s body, is used as a sweetener), safe and environmentally friendly glass packaging with a cap that opens and closes tightly and only natural fruit fillings, typical for our region and certified for the production of baby food. TM «Yagotinsky for children» does not contain anything except natural farm milk, ferments and fruit fillings.

And, of course, great attention at the factory is paid to the quality control of milk and finished products. All incoming raw materials are monitored in modern laboratory of the plant, the characteristics of which comply with the strict standards of legal documents, as well as private enterprise specification. Each portion of milk is checked for organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological parameters. Finished products of enterprise are subject to mandatory daily control.