1 April 2013

In January 2013, the bright and exciting commercial of baby milk products «Yagotynske for children» was aired for the first time on Ukrainian TV. Spectators were able to see and evaluate the result of work of the creative duo — TM «Yagotynske for children» and the production studio TV-UA.ORG.

In this video everything attracts the attention: history, presented an interesting and colorful manner, full of life child’s voice, a cheerful melody. The atmosphere of the a party stays with the viewer until the end of the movie.

A special role in the commercial is given to a volume book of hand-madePop-up technology. It became a dream of many Ukrainian kids who saw the movie on TV. And very often they ask the question: Where can I buy this book? This is told by their mothers who come to the company and share their impressions of the product and the advertising. To date, this book is the only one, unique and inimitable, and it can be seen again from April 1, 2013 on TV in Ukraine.

The second wave of commercial is already planned on many of the country’s leading television channels: Новый, СТБ, ICTV, QTV, ПКВМ, Интер, НТН, К1, Пиксель, РТР-планета, Украина, Меню-ТВ. Spectators will be able to watch again their favorite «manual» fruits and vegetables, the cow, the plant and other movie characters, animated by hands of children.