22 April 2013

The web site «Yagotynske for Children» http://yagotynkids.com.ua has been launched on 22th of April 2013! The design is the same as style of the Pop-up book, already familiar to viewers from TV commercials.

Home page of the site is designed as an unusual slider with horizontal scrolling. The following pages also stick to the book style, presenting informative and relevant information about the brand «Yagotynske for children.» Visitors can discover the world of milk, «Yagotynske for children», traveling through different headings. For detailed information about the range and its features, raw materials and packaging types see the heading «Products». Heading «Production» presents visitors the benefits of a glass bottle and shows all the stages of production in a detailed and easy to understand diagram.

Users can sign up for a tour directly on the site — all you need is to fill a simple form and receive confirmation of registration. There are a lot of pleasant surprises in the «Box of surprises: a variety of creative contests and interesting actions are prepared for visitors by the trade mark «Yagotynske for children».

The combination of colors, colorful illustrations and thoughtful linings underline the originality and attractiveness of the site. Each visitor will find interesting information and have fun browsing the pages of the resource.