11 June 2014

The spring season is over, and with it the excursions to dairy plant of TM Yagotynske for children. Due to the start of the holiday season, we’ve paused the excursions to the Zgurovka baby food plant until September 2014. However, the registration for tours on the website Yagotynske for Children continues and soon the plant will kindly open its doors to the most demanding visitors — young parents.

As usual, participants of the free tour can explore the workshops of the enterprise, hear the story about how are created delicious and healthy dairy products for kids with a demonstration of the production process. Young parents can learn from where the factory is supplied with milk, how is checked its quality, how it is cleaned and sorted, and how are produced of it the much-loved by kids dairy products.

Guests will be able to make sure that all products of a new unique plant producing baby milk Yagotynske for Children is made of natural high quality farmer milk, there is held a strict certification, for fermenting milk there are used exclusively high-quality ferment European manufacturers, and for added natural fruit, vegetable and berry fillers grown in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.

Our products for kids contain no sugar, and to give it sweetness, we use only natural fructose. The plant does not use any preservatives or synthetic dyes.

We wish you all a pleasant summer holiday and look forward to your visit in September 2014!