3 August 2023

Lactose-free butter in two types of fat content — 73% and 82.5% — is released on the market by the well-known Ukrainian brand "Yagotynske". The novelties will be produced from high-quality raw materials, which are supplied by certified farms, at Yagotynsky Butter Plant.

"The technology of lactose-free butter generally does not differ from the technology of classic butter. Lactose-free is produced by the traditional method, only one process is added in the preparation of cream. The enzyme "lactase" is added to this raw material, which splits the lactose disaccharide into two monosaccharides: glucose and galactose. This process is controlled by appropriate analyzes for the residual lactose content to the level of 0.1%, after which the cream is sent to heat treatment, ripening, and then to the butter former," says Natalya Vasilieva, chief technologist of Milk Alliance Group.

Lactose-free butter TM "Yagotynske" does not contain any impurities. Contains only cow's milk cream and lactase enzyme. Due to the splitting of lactose into glucose and galactose, the product has a delicate, slightly sweet taste. Lactose-free butter can be used in food not only by consumers who are lactose intolerant, but also by other people who like the delicate taste of butter with a slight sweetness.

We would like to remind you that from now on the lactose-free line of the Yagotynske brand includes: UHT milk, kefir, cottage cheese and butter.