15 December 2014

Group of Companies Milk Alliance continues to support migrants from the eastern regions of Ukraine, who are temporarily housed in Teteriv motel in the Korostyshiv city Zhytomyr region. For the third time the company has transferred a substantial portion of high-quality dairy products for people nutrition. Sanatorium has sheltered more than 300 refugees of different age. Milk Alliance took custody of 300 persons from the eastern regions of Ukraine.

To maintain physical health and good nutrition to the settlers, group of companies Milk Alliance has allocated 200 liters of natural cow’s milk, 80 kg of butter of the highest quality, 40 kg of natural hard cheese, as well as baby milk TM Yagotynske for Children for 25 kids who live in motels with their parents.

We plan to continue to do everything we can to help our compatriots in distress, — says Sergey Caliber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Milk Alliance, — in such a difficult time for everyone, we cannot stay aside. We actively respond to requests for assistance, provide high quality natural dairy products for the maintenance of a healthy diet and good health of our citizens.