4 August 2014

Group of companies Milk Alliance continues to support people caught in a difficult position in regarding current financial situation in the country. So, next portion of quality milk was sent to help refugees from the East of Ukraine, who are temporarily housed in the sanatorium Teteriv in the city of Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr region. The sanatorium has sheltered more than 300 refugees of different age groups.

To maintain physical health and good nutrition of the immigrants, a group of companies Milk Alliance has allocated 200 liters of UHT cow’s milk, 80 kg of butter of the highest quality, 40 kg of natural hard cheese, as well as baby milk TM Yagotynske for Children for 15 kids who temporarily live in motels with their moms.

We cannot stay away in such a difficult time for everyone, — says Sergiy Kaliberov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Milk Alliance. — We respond requests for support, provide natural high quality dairy products, help people financially, and we hope that the need for such emergency will disappear as soon as possible. We would always like to do good deeds, aimed at the development of our country, but not at its survival.