The independent testing organization — Test Center of Expertise acknowledged the quality of butter «Yagotynske»

2 December 2013

Test Center of Expertise has conducted extensive research of butter. 50 different brands of butter of different fat content from Ukrainian manufacturers from different regions have been tested for the presence of vegetable fats. Product experts acknowledged quality of butter «Yagotinske» 73% fat. 37 more brands are in the category of high-quality products, and 12 brands contained vegetable fats in amount of 18.5% to 83%.

Only a product containing milk fat can be called butter, no substitutes are allowed. Otherwise, it should be honestly shown in the product name and its structure.

«Despite our numerous studies falsification of butter is not decreasing. — comments the butter test results Valentin Besruky, head of the Center of Expertise «Test» — 12 out of 50 brands contain vegetable fats — and it’s almost a quarter of all products! This time, we decided not only to provide information for customers, but also to appeal to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the State Inspectorate for Consumer Protection, that they hand their impact on the situation. There is also a new idea to appeal to trade networks, including those that sell fakes (and these are primarily networks «ATB», «Novus» and «Auchan») so that they in their turn drew their attention to the quality of products sold. We call consumers to limit the purchase of fake products, including spreads. We hope that such joint efforts will help to solve the problem of falsification of dairy products».

The group of companies «Milk Alliance» strongly supports the initiative of the Centre of Expertise «Test» and continues to emphasize the attention of consumers on the importance of consumption of quality dairy products and the need to read the product label carefully.