4 September 2017

Packaging of dairy butter under TM Yagotynske 69.2%, 73%, 78% and 82.5% fat has gained classic form and become more convenient for consumers. Decision to change the package form was made after analyzing consumer demand for dairy butter of TM Yagotynske. The classical form, according to consumers, is more convenient in the process of using the product.

The packaging material protects the product from moisture, sunlight, keeps shape well, and due to its structure, butter does not lose its flavor characteristics and maintains quality at low temperatures.

Specialists of Yagotynsky Butter Plant follow the innovations in the dairy industry; however they adhere to traditional recipes of butter production, which are highly valued by Ukrainians. All types of dairy butter under TM Yagotynske are made from natural cream obtained from whole milk separation. Vegetable fats or other additives are not used in the dairy butter production.

Besides, products under TM Yagotynske have taken winning positions in nine categories of the annual competition of trademarks «Favorites of Success» in Ukraine. According to the results of an independent study of consumer preferences, the best were identified – zakvaska, ryazhenka, sour cream, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, yoghurt, sweet cottage cheese and dairy butter.