18 March 2016

In 2015, Group of Companies Milk Alliance kept its position as leader in terms of sales of milk in Ukraine. The share of Milk Alliance was about 22%, which set it on the first place among Ukrainian dairy companies. The data is provided by Tetra Pak expert analysis.

The leading position among the milk brands, by the end of 2015, is taken by Yagotynske, which continues to increase sales volumes on the domestic market.

By launching new product — Cocoa Milk — in August 2014 Milk Alliance confidently went on the market of manufacturers of «color milk», and, most importantly, in a short period of time took second place, and Yagotynske brand, in turn, became an absolute leader in sales.

In 2015, Milk Alliance has made a breakthrough in the kefir category, having risen on two positions and finished third in two major indices — volumes of sales and in cash. And last year Yagotynske in terms of sales of kefir came in third place, while in 2014 it was only fourth.

The active position of Yagotynske is also confirmed by a steady increase in sales of drinking yogurts. According to expert analysis, the brand has moved from sixth to second place.