6 August 2014

Yagotynske® represents an absolutely new product in the Ukrainian market of dairy products — functional natural and healthy dietary milk product Gerolakt, specifically designed for middle-aged and elderly people, enriched with vitamins C and E.

The technology of fermented milk product Gerolakt is based on a specially created ferment Streptosan and was developed in 1984 by experts of Ukrainian institutions, including those of the Institute of gerontology of Ukrainian national academy of medical science. The drink contains a bacterial culture, characteristic of intestinal biocenosis of Abkhazian centenarians. The original recipe of the famous dairy drink that returns youth and good health to people of middle age, has acquired a group of companies Milk Alliance, and specialists of dairy industry of Yagotyn butter-making plant, which is part of the group, have brought it to life.

Long-term clinical studies of product Gerolakt carried out in the Soviet Union and Denmark confirmed its high efficiency. It was found that the consumption of 400–500 g per day during one month has a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of people aged 35 to 89 years.

This product significally ensures the body’s need in calcium (in the optimal balance of phosphorus, protein and lactose), essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins C and E. Regular consumption of Gerolakt normalizes balance of protein fractions and blood glucose level, the work of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, muscle system, reduces total cholesterol level. The product has a remarkable anti-sclerotic effect.

Gerolakt contains lactic acid bacteria and probiotic Enterococcus faecium, which are especially useful for middle-aged people. These organisms increase the natural content in the body of B vitamins and help to absorb vitamins C and E contained in the drink. In addition, regular consumption of fermented milk drink Gerolakt prevents from diseases of the digestive tract, promotes normalization of metabolism and intestinal microflora during antibiotic treatment.

Gerolakt is recommended for regular consumption for middle-aged and elderly people, it has no analogues in Ukraine. The product is made in the best traditions of Yagotyn butter-producing plant, which for already more than half a century, is feeding Ukrainians with natural, healthy and tasty dairy products made from «live» high quality milk without using harmful compounds (antibiotics, preservatives, vegetable fats, etc.) and has a short shelf life.