21 July 2013

For the past six months TM «Yagotynske for children» regularly sends baby milk food for the patients of the Institute. Oleg Zhiganov, Head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, National Cancer Institute comments on this charity project:

— At present there are 60 patients treated in our department, about half of whom are the kids under 3–4 years.

As known, the basis of nutrition of infants and little children is breast milk and dairy products. Kitchen of the Institute provides dairy products, but not in the sufficient quantity and volume. And in this situation, the assistance of TM «Yagotynske for children» is very much needed. The children are happy to eat dairy food — especially the sweet cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt.

There is another important point that should not be overlooked. Many of our patients are undergoing chemotherapy, which can cause pain, disease or other processes. Because of this, children often have no appetite. But when children see sweet cheese or yogurt in bright packing — they eat it! This way the body receives necessary calcium, micro-and macronutrients.

For weak children’s organisms it is important that dairy products are of factory processed and controlled and they are guaranteed to have no microorganisms. I would call them clean, because they do not have to be boiled or further processed, and can immediately be eaten with no risk pick up an infection.

I want to thank TM «Yagotynske for children» for help. All patients — both the smallest, and the older children are happy to eat the baby dairy products. I am confident that our cooperation should be continued, as it brings real benefits to our children.