8 December 2014

Guided by the wishes of the consumers, Yagotynske® launched a new big economy package of 500 g of natural high quality and useful butter 73% to 82.5% of fat. The new product is packed in parchment paper, which is very easy to use and environmentally friendly. It preserves perfectly all the beneficial properties of natural butter and looks very lovely.

Yagotynske® butter is present on the Ukrainian market for over half a century. During this time it managed not only to obtain and maintain its impeccable reputation of a high quality product, but also became a legendary dairy product of Ukrainian production, and won sincere love and popularity among consumers not only in Kiev and Kiev region, but in whole Ukraine. Butter TM Yagotynske is made only of natural high quality cow’s milk cream without any added vegetable fats, preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

Yagotynske® butter has many awards at various competitions of national level, independent testing organizations and is regularly at first place in consumer ratings.