6 June 2016

Bashtanka Cheese Plant has expanded its range of products with a novelty — Provvollone by Pyriatyn™. The producers are sure that such exquisite cheese will win any gourmet taste!

Provvollone is soft cheese by texture. It is made from cow milk of the highest quality; it has a spicy, moderately salty taste and pleasant rich flavor.

Provvollone is considered one of the original cheeses regarding appearance, because it has the shape of a bag. The history of cheese Provvollone begins at the end of the XIX century. The south Italy is homeland of this cheese. The formulation of the product since then has changed little, as well as the process of its production, as far as Provvollone is handmade completely!

While producing cheese Provvollone, milk clot formed by action of specific enzymes of bacterial origin, is heated, put the shape of a bag, and soaked in salt water. Cheese becomes very flexible and elastic, bandaged with a rope, enveloped in a paraffin mixture, and then hung in a cool chamber for maturation.

Bashtanka Cheese Plant has established production of two types of Provvollone cheese: Classic and Smoked.

Cheese Provvollone is widely used for cooking sandwiches, baked dishes (lasagna, pizza) or cheese soup, because it melts very well. It is a great addition to a salad or a cheese plate.