21 January 2014

«Bashtansky cheese plant» which products are well known under the trademark «Slavia» celebrated its 40th birthday in December 2013. Bashtansky Cheese Plant is one of the major players in the cheese market in Ukraine and has a high reputation of quality dairy producer. During this time, the masters of the plant have accumulated considerable experience in the production of natural and healthy dairy products, and established strong partnerships with suppliers and customers.

The secret of success of Bashtansky cheese plant consists of three components. Firstly, it is a rich tradition and experience acquired for decades. Secondly it is professional skills combined with a sincere genuine empathy for a favorite profession. Thirdly — modern technological equipment: in 2005–2010, after Bashtansky Cheese plant was joint to the group of companies «Milk Alliance», almost the entire equipment was replaced by a most modern equipment of such producing countries like Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Denmark.

In addition, at the end of 2012 Bashtansky cheese plant significantly expanded its product range by introducing a new ultra-modern equipment for the bottling and packaging of milk.

Thus, the range of TM «Slavia» was filled with new positions — milk «Slavіya. I am healthy and 100% natural BIG milk» in the package pure-pack of 1.5 liter and 2 liters of 2.6% and 3.2% fat, as well as UHT milk in Tetra Pak of 950 g of 2.6% and 3.5% fat. Also the product range of TM «Slavia» joined hard cheeses («Korol Gurman» and «Grazia»), yogurt from oven 4%, cottage cheese «Domashniy», curds with/without fillers of different weight and fat.

Output of the plant grows steadily in recent years. Company’s product range includes more than 80 types of dairy products. Technological capabilities allow enterprises to recycle nearly 500 tons of milk per day and produce more than 35 tons of cheese and more than 100 tons of dairy products per day.

In 2011 Bashtansky cheese plant was successfully recertified by the international standard ISO 22000:2007 and reaffirmed the conformity of production of hard cheeses to the international standard of food safety management.

All the products of TM «Slavia» are produced entirely of high-quality natural milk without vegetable fats, preservatives and flavorings. Products of Bashtansky cheese plant, regardless of its type, is the standard of high quality and excellent taste. Evidence of this is the high popularity, which for many years certainly enjoys TM «Slavia» among Ukrainian and Russian consumers.

Today the production of enterprises is represented in almost all regions of Ukraine and delivered to the final consumer through a network of supermarkets, as well as through the retail network. Over the past few years Bashtansky cheese plant has received more than 80 awards at international and national exhibitions and competitions.