1 June 2012

Bashtanskyy cheese plant`s product portfolio is now filled with new types of dairy products — sour clotted milk from the oven with fat content of 2.5% and weight 350 g, adjoint milk with fat content of 4% and weight 1000 g. milk with fat content of 3.2% and weight 1000 g and sour cream with fat content of 15% and weight 450 g.

The sour clotted milk from the oven by TM «Slavia» is produced according to traditional folk recipe by fermentation of natural milk ferment on pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria with further prolonged languor in the oven, which gives the product a unique pure taste with no sour tastes and smells.

Pasteurized milk by TM «Slavia» — is a unique source of dietary milk fat, protein, milk sugar, mineral salts and vitamins. The composition of milk proteins includes all the essential amino acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids are necessary for human organism. A glass of milk contains a quarter of the daily requirement of calcium, phosphorus, and various fats, one eighth part of the daily protein requirements for adults, and such important components as lactose, vitamins A, D, E, B12, C and minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium, iodine).

Voltage milk by TM «Slavia» is made from natural pasteurized milk with cream added. Voltage milk has a clean taste with a nutty flavor.

Sour cream by TM «Slavia» is made from fresh cream. This natural cream contains a lot of macro-and micronutrients, particularly calcium, and a lot of vitamins like A, E, B2, B12, C, PP. This product is well accepted in any organism. Sour cream is recommended for people who suffer from malnutrition, anemia and poor digestion. Even after severe stress experts recommend to eat a few spoonfuls of sour cream, sprinkled with sugar.

Bashtanskyy cheese plant uses only natural milk of high quality to prepare all its products. It meets the requirements of existing state standards for quality and health regulations. And, of course, the quality of new products, like any other product by TM «Slavia» is confirmed by the name of Bashtanskyy cheese plant. It has been repeatedly marked by Ukrainian and international quality certificates.