4 May 2017

Bashtanka Cheese Plant, a part of Milk Alliance Group of Сompanies, has received permission to export its products to the countries of the Arab-Muslim world. Certificate is issued by Alraid Halal Certification and Recearch Center for one year and allows Muslims from all over the world to eat all the assortment of the brand Slavia.

«Bashtanka Cheese Plant managed to get the Halal Certificate due to the fact that there is no abomasum — a milk-curdling enzyme of animal origin — in their products. In the process of manufacturing of Slavia products, exclusive milk-curdling enzyme of microbial origin is used», Olga Stepanenko, the head technologist of the Milk Alliance, said.

The conditions for obtaining the Halal Certificate are quite complex: at first, the manufacturing company must meet a number of requirements. Including, processing of appropriate licenses issued by the Ministry of Health, and demonstration of complete transparency in food production. Furthermore, the Halal standards control and observance Committee must have the possibility to visit the enterprises production facilities freely and anytime to confirm the absence of controversy to the rules of Islamic law regarding food production.