19 May 2014

Bashtanka cheese-producing plant mastered the production of yoghurt. Tasty new product from Slavia™ with strawberry and peach fillers is available in 450 g Pure Pak and 400 g plastic bag.

Earlier in the category of sweet fruit milk drinks Slavia™ was represented only by zakvaska with diverse tastes. Yoghurt unlike zakvaska has a smooth consistency and does not contain pieces of fruit that is typically preferable by children.

The interesting fact is that yogurt was created in the early twentieth century as a medicine and was sold only in pharmacies. The result of the beneficial bacteria that are part of the yogurt, the product contains more vitamins B12, B3 and A than the milk itself. Yogurt can be consumed even by those who can not tolerate lactose, which is in fresh milk, because lactic acid bacteria convert it into useful substances.

And, of course, the quality of the new product is guaranteed by a well-known brand. Other products of Slavia™ are made exclusively from natural high quality milk without added antibiotics, vegetable fats, artificial colors, etc.