19 January 2015

PJSC Yagotynsky butter plant in 2015 takes an active part in the social life of the native Yahotyn district, Kyiv region, where the company is located and constantly works for the good of the whole country for nearly 60 years.

As it has always been before, we hear all requests for assistance, — says Alexander Sirenko, Chairman of the Board of PJSC Yagotynsky butter plant — And we get a lot of them traditionally. For financial or product help we are addressed by families with many children, kindergartens and schools, regional hospitals, charity organizations and even municipal Public Security Service.

We try to hear everyone and certainly help those who need it most. Unfortunately, we often also get requests for help the young guys who are fighting in the area of ATO or are being treated in hospitals. Of course, we join the raise funds for them, because we want to see peaceful sky over our Motherland again.

So 20 000 UAH recently have been allocated by public organization Association of ATO, whose task is to ensure the needs of participants of ATO (Yahotyn area residents) with technical means, clothes, food, etc., as well as to help in the treatment of wounded soldiers.