2 April 2014

Cheese family TM «Slavia» adds a new premium kind of cheese named «Parmental." The new product is a hard cheess has a fat content of 40% and an incomparable rich cheese flavor. Particular rich taste of cheese «Parmental» is acquired in the course of a long process of maturation, which is at least 2 months. With this feature it is perfectly suitable for all cheese dishes and salads.

«Parmental» melts perfectly. After the heat treatment it gives meal a delicious golden crust and emphasizes unique cheese taste. Pronounced cheese flavor and a pleasant salty note of cheese «Parmental» will be a great addition to wine and fruit.

New assortment position of TM «Slavia», like all products of this brand, is made exclusively from natural milk without vegetable fats, antibiotics and other harmful compounds. The raw material used for making of cheese «Parmental» meets the requirements of state standards in quality and sanitary rules.