1 December 2015

SLAVIA trademark, owned by the Group of Companies Milk Alliance, received certificates of registration in the People's Republic China in classes 29 (dairy products) and 35 (advertising of dairy products).

Registration certificate is valid throughout the territory of the PRC for 10 years, and allows the company to freely sell any of its products in the category "dairy products" under the trademark SLAVIA.

"The opening of the Chinese market personally for our company is very anticipated and joyous event for us, — says Victoria Predborska, Commercial Director of Milk Alliance JSC, because the Chinese market is huge and the prospects for it are the same. We already found partners in this country who are willing to purchase a dry milk products — dry milk and whey. They are particularly interested in serum D90 with a high degree of demineralization. It is very high quality, 90% desalted with a natural sweet taste. This product is used for the production of baby food, confectionery and dairy products. But this is not all our opportunities to export to the Chinese consumer, we can offer high-quality Ukrainian UHT milk — whole and skim, natural butter, as well as a wide range of  cheeses".