12 August 2011

Being concerned about the health of the nation, Milk Alliance holding produces dairy products of high quality without vegetable fats, preservatives and dyes. The company also takes part in health related social projects. This year the Milk Alliance holding became a partner of the Charitable Yougth Ball devoted to the effort of HIV/AIDS overcoming in Ukraine.

This event is organized by the Student Parliament of the Kiev National University for the third time. This year it takes place in the Column Hall of Kyiv City Council. On the funds collected organizers are planning to buy pumps for patients’ emergency care and intravenous control equipment for the Kiev City Center of HIV-positive children treatment and support at the Kiev Pediatric Infectious hospital № 1.

«We did not want to stay away such an urgent and important issues as HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine, — says Sergiy Vovchenko, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Milk Alliance holding». — Although this event is small, it is a real help for patients with HIV/AIDS. It receives support from politics, artists, businessmen and an extensive coverage in the media".