3 May 2011

«Yagotynsky» TM offers its consumers new kinds of brine cheeses made of the natural cow’s milk using the newest technologies. Those who like saline will enjoy the traditional «Brynza» cheese and those who like soft taste will appreciate «Liubytelsky» cheese.

«Brynza» is widely used in Ukrainian cuisine. It is used in salads, pizzas and sandwiches, used as a filling for pies, is added to pasta, cereals and potatoes. Especially popular this cheese is in the Carpathian mountains where it eneters into composition of many traditional dishes, such as banosh, kerezet and machanka.

«Liubytelsky» has mild cheese flavor and tender texture that make it an ideal dish for breakfast. Its balanced soft taste will be liked both by children and adults, and its high nutritional value will provide energy for a successful start to the day.

«Milk alliance» is health-conscious of its consumers and guarantees the quality and naturalness of its products. They do not consist of vegetable fats, antibiotics, dyes and preservatives.