Fat content, Min 82,5%
Moisture, Max 16%
Protein content, Min 0,5%  
Acidity (plasma), Max 23°Т
Acidity (fat phase), Max 2,5°К
Total plate count, Max 20 000 per gram

Flavor: pure, well pronounced creamy with pasteurization flavor.

Texture and appearance: homogeneous, plastic, solid; cut surface is shining or slightly shining, dry.

Color: from light yellow to yellow, homogeneous throughout the mass.

Package: four-ply carton boxes with polyethylene layer inside.

Weight: net — 20,0 kg, gross — 20,43 kg.

Packaging Сorrugated box
Form Monolith
Net weight 20 kg
Period and terms of storage 12 months at a temperature -18...-12°С
9 months at a temperature -11...-6°С
3 months at a temperature -5...0°С

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