12 July 2021

The well-known children’s dairy brand «Yagotynske for children» launches two new milk porridges:

Yagotynske for children milk porridges are made at the baby food factory on the basis of milk with the addition of cereals and the prebiotic inulin, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and, thus, improves the baby’s digestion.

«Products for baby food are produced at our enterprise on high-tech equipment from extra milk, which we buy from certified farms. Milk porridges of TM «Yagotynske for children» are ready to eat: just shake them and let the baby stand through a tube that is glued to the package, or pour into a bottle» — said the director of the branch of TDV «Yagotynsky butter factory» «Yagotynske for children» Igor Prilipko.

Multigrain Dairy Porridge TM «Yagotynske for children» is a source of useful carbohydrates that give the child’s body satiety, and Buckwheat Dairy Porridge with Apple and Fennel is a source of vegetable proteins and minerals. Fennel, which is part of this porridge, will promote healthy baby sleep. It is recommended to introduce milk porridge into the diet from 6 months of age.

It will be recalled that in April 2021, the Yagotynske for Children brand introduced yogurts with two new flavors and two new flavors in cheese pastes. Namely: yogurts «Blueberry-raspberry» and «Pear-apple» and cheese pastes «Apricot-banana» and «Pear».