6 June 2019

TM Yagotynske for Children expands its product portfolio and launches the production of three new Cottage cheese pastes and three new drinking yogurts with fillers.

Apricot and Sea Buckthorn Yogurt 2,5% fat
Banana and Strawberry Yogurt 2,5% fat
Raspberry and Eglantine Yogurt 2,5% fat
Apple and Strawberry Cottage Cheese Paste 4,2% fat
Pear and Banana Cottage Cheese Paste 4,2% fat
Raspberry and Plum Cottage Cheese Paste 4,2% fat

«For the production of the children's products of the brand Yagotynske for Children, we buy exclusively extra-quality milk from certified farms, which has a stable chemical composition, high protein and fat content. All fruits and berries are grown in eco-friendly regions and certified for the production of baby food», said Igor Prilipko, director of the Yagotynske for Children plant.

Cottage cheese pastes and yogurts are enriched of the vitamin complexes A, D, E and probiotics, and manufactured to meet the needs of the child’s body. Yagotynske for Children products contain only natural milk, ferments , fruit and vegetable fillers. Cottage cheese pastes and yogurts of TM Yagotynske for Children are recommended as complementary foods for children from 8 months.

Besides, the dairy product under the brand Yagotynske for Children, which was previously produced under the name Biolact, is now manufactured as Bifilact. The name change was caused by the need of informing consumers about the presence of Bifidobacteria in the product, which are beneficial for the digestive process in the organism.