20 November 2017

The butter manufacturing shop is opened after reconstruction on the Zolotonosha Butter-Making Combine. The re-equipment process lasted about a year, and the cost of premises renovation and equipment improvement amounted up to 3 million UAH.

“This year we spent 26 million UAH on the re-equipment of production, and for the last 5 years about 100 million UAH was invested in our plant. These funds have been used to improve technologies for compliance with international safety and quality systems. For instance, this year we passed an audit of a well-known Swiss company and received the FFSSC 22000 certificate. This is the highest level of safety in the industry that only exists today. This will allow us to work with the most famous brands and networks without additional checks”, Vladislav Kulinich, the Chairman of the Zolotonosha Butter-Making Combine said.

Zolotonosha Butter-Making Combine is an export-oriented enterprise as part of the Milk Alliance Group. Today, the plant manufactures products under TM “Yagotynske”, “Zlatokray”, “Pyriatyn”.

Since January 10, 2016, Zolotonosha Butter-Making Combine has the right to export its products to the European Union.