16 December 2014

At numerous requests of consumers, the most favorite types of zakvaska Yagotynske® with fillers strawberry and grains are now available in a big family package of 900 g. Despite the fact that zakvaska is a relatively new lactic acid product, which appeared on the Ukrainian market about 10 years ago, it managed not only to settle firmly on the shelves of grocery stores, but also to develop into a separate product category. The «birthplace» of zakvaska, Yagotyn butter-producing plant, over the years after the release of this wonderful product, has increased the production figures 100 times: from 300 liters up to 30 tons per day.

The technologists of Yagotyn butter-producing plant who invented this unique healthy product transferred the production of zakvaska from the laboratory, where it was produced in very limited quantities, directly to the workshop.

The fact that over the last couple of years there appeared quite a large range of zakvaskas from different manufacturers in the stores, proves that customers appreciate the taste and preventive properties of this product. in 2012 the Institute of Consumer Expertise even conducted an independent study of the quality of all available in the market zakvaskas of different brands, and zakvaska Yagotynske® with strawberry filling won first place. A unique feature of zakvaska Yagotynske® are its components. Thus, in zakvaska, unlike yoghurt, there are no stabilizers or thickening agents. Density and homogeneous consistency of the product are organized by useful lactic acid bacteria which are 100 times more than, for example, in yoghurt. Zakvaska Yagotynske® consists of milk and lactic acid bacteria, as well as natural fruit flavors and is an extremely useful product for the whole family.