30 September 2013

PJSC «Yagotynsky butter plant» has passed through recertification for compliance with the integrated quality management system requirements of the two international standards ДСТУ ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2009. These standards are issued for enterprises that want to prove their ability to systematically produce quality products that meet the needs of the consumer.

Certificates of conformity issued a Certification Body Management System SE «Укрметртестстандарт» for a period of 3 years. During the certification all operating units of the plant have been tested and it was stated that the integrated quality management system in the company operates in accordance with the requirements of ДСТУ ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2009.

Sphere of certification — the production of milk and dairy products: milk for drinking, butter and baked butter, cheese (fat, soft), dairy products (kefir, ryazhanka, bonny-clabber from stove, zakvaska (ferment), yoghurt, sour cream).

«For our factory, this certificate is an important factor which is confidence of the consumer and business partners, — says Alexander Sirenko, director of Yagotynsky Butter Plant — because we are constantly improving our production and expanding product portfolio of TM „Yagotynske“. Today the plant produces more than 10 types of dairy products and more than 60 SKUs.»

Yagotynsky butter plant is one of the nation’s largest producers of dairy products. It is a modern facility for the production of butter, skimmed milk powder and whole milk products. Personnel who participate in the operation of the quality management system has a sufficient level of education, training and competence which allows them to skillfully apply knowledge and experience in the fabrication of products.

Since its foundation in 1956, the products of Yagotynsky butter plant are highly appreciated at both national and international levels.