2 September 2014

Wounded soldiers who were engaged in the fighting in the east of Ukraine, and are now undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in the Main Military Medical Clinical Hospital of the Red Star in the center of Kiev, received 500 liters of natural milk from TM Yagotynske.

Quality and useful dairy products are simply necessary for a quick treatment and recovery of the body. Realizing this, we are making a contribution to a national good deed regularly providing the military, refugees and orphans with charitable assistance in the form of dairy products

This time, wounded soldiers received 100 liters of delicious Zakvaska Yagotynska with fruit and berry fillings, 200 liters of kefir and 200 liters of functional lactic acid beverage Gerolakt, which, thanks to its unique bacterial composition, probiotics and special milk-based, contributes to the rapid recovery.