8 November 2023

Yagotynske for children milkshakes with strawberry and ice cream flavors now come in large packaging. The release of new product is determined by market trends. New packaging will help to save money of the families who buy milkshakes regularly.

"The new package of 950 g will allow families to save money, because the family packaging is much cheaper compared to the price of one of 200 g. From now on thanks to the large packaging our tasty and healthy milkshake will undoubtedly become a highlight of the festive table at a children's event or a family evening," marketing director of the Milk Alliance Group Natalya Hryn says.

Yagotynske for children milkshakes are made of high-quality milk supplied to the enterprise by certified farms. The product has a number of advantages: milkshake can be consumed both warm and cold, Tetra Pak packaging allows to store it without refrigerator, the shelf life is 6 months.

Today Yagotynske for children milkshakes are available in 4 flavors - strawberry, chocolate, banana, ice-cream in packaging of 200 g and 2 flavors - strawberry and ice-cream in the packaging of 950 g.