27 November 2017

Yagotinske presents a new range of products — ultra-pasteurized cream 10% fat and 15% fat in the convenient compact package of 200 grams.

The new packaging is lightweight, reliably protects the product from the effects of the environment, and helps keep the cream fresh for a long time. The package also has a convenient lid that retains the taste of the product during its use if the product is appropriately stored in the refrigerator.

Cream is produced in the new packaging exclusively from high-quality extra-class milk at the modern plant in Ukraine — Branch of Yagotynsky Butter-Processing Plant Yagotynske for Children.

Ultra-pasteurized cream in new package can be taken on a trip or picnic, because the unpacked cream can be stored at room temperature.

Becides, at the end 2016 brand Yagotynske for children has started new product manufacturing — ready-made dairy porridge with rice, wheat or buckwheat, which will be indispensable parents’ helpers.