A small plant Yagotynske for children successfully operates in the Trade&entertaining center Blockbuster, where children are engaged in the production of milk products

19 August 2014

It is in childhood, when one wants to grow, and the world of adults is perceived as a welcoming fairy tale. In Kidlandia, which is located in the shopping center Blockbuster, children can make their dreams come true and feel like an adult, play and have fun, gaining the knowledge and skills that will help them in real life.

A small copy of baby milk plant Yagotynske for children operates there Kids aged 4 to 12 years old can try themselves as plant workers. Here little employees collect milk from the farm, check its quality, normalize and pasteurize the product, put milk in a package and then get it as a gift. Meanwhile the operator of the station tells kids a lot of interesting facts about milk and dairy products.

Children’s park of professions Kidlandia is the largest in Ukraine interactive entertainment park. Children can learn about different professions, earn game money, spend it on entertainment, education and souvenirs or accumulate in a bank account. Small citizens of Kidlandia will be able to learn about how the economy works in the adult world, to understand the value of work and learn to take responsibility for the money in an interesting and easy for them manner.

In Kidlandia there operates 50 play stations: a plant for the production of baby food, a School of Art, a firehouse, a beauty salon etc. Here the child can «learn» more than 100 professions — from the doctor to the pilot, from photo director to racer. Such diversity will help the children to expand their worldview and discover their talents, and perhaps — to find their future profession.

Game stations of the project are designed for children of different age groups. Every child aged between 4 to 16 years old can participate in some game activity. For babies up to 4 years there is also a comfort zone for recreation, areas for entertainment, which are fun and safe for this particular age group.